Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller Colors

Buying a pet stroller may seem like a lot of work and it can be if you don’t know where to look or what you are looking for. That is why you should make a list of everything that you are hoping to get out of the pet stroller before you began looking for one.

If you don’t know what you are looking for in a pet stroller, then you should get online and do a little research. I researched so many different pet strollers when I decided to get a pet stroller that I don’t even remember everything that I read.

I did however remember what I considered to be the best pet stroller. I remember because it is the pet stroller that I ended up purchasing just a few short days later. And guess what, I still have that particular pet stroller for my dog Harper to this day.

It’s Not Just A Color

When I finally decided what pet stroller was the best option, I had to pick a color. Most people think that pet strollers come in just a few different colors, but this is not true.

Pet strollers come in a bunch of different colors and patterns. The Gen7Pets Promenade pet stroller comes in more colors that most people would like to look through. But this means that you are sure to be able to find a pet stroller in the color that you desire the most.

I thought that I was going to get a pink Gen7Pets Promenade pet stroller since Harper is a girl. But She really likes the color yellow, so I ended up getting the Gen7Pets Promenade pet stroller in yellow.

Choosing a color for your pet stroller is a big deal. It is the stroller that you will use for many months and years. It is the color that your pet will have to look at each time that you take them out in it.

It is not just a color you are choosing, it is a life choice you are making. The Gen7Pets Promenade pet stroller come in a large selection of different colors. You just have to decided which color is best for you and your pet!

You can click Fit City Moms – Gen7Pets Promenade pet stroller to learn more about pet strollers and choosing a color for the pet stroller of your choice.

Carbon Fiber Bike Frames: lighter, Stronger, How it’s Made



These feather-light frames don’t weigh as much as the water bottle it carries. If you add a full water bottle to the frame, you have in effect doubled it’s weight.

This is why these bikes have dominated the Tour de France for the last 20 years or so. Lighter bike frames means a faster bike. It’s really that simple.

I an going to give you several sources so you can learn everything you need to know if you are looking into ownership of a carbon fiber bike or bike frame.

It will cover everything from how the fiber itself is made all the way up to quality of the carbon fibers, to engineering, how it’s made , who makes it (a real surprise to me), and much more.

I’ll even throw in a surprise about the total differences in weight between other bikes and materials used.

Creating a Mold Free Environment

Mold is one of the most formidable enemies that a homeowner can possibly deal with. Mold is a terrible substance due to its level of toxicity and corrosiveness. Mold can have a tremendous impact on both your home and your health. If you start to suspect that there is mold in your home then you need to waste no time in working to get rid of it. Here are the things that mold can do to you and your home and how you make your home a mold free environment.

How Black Mold Affects Your Home

Black mold is attracted to two very important things: heat and moisture. Without both of these things mold simply cannot grow. You are most likely to find mold in places in your home such as the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry room, or any other area where there is a high likelihood of encountering moisture. If you have mold as a result of flooding then you should immediately call in a flood restoration Orlando specialist. They will make sure the damage is minimized.

When mold takes root in your home one of the first things that it will do is begin to discolor the surface that it has latched on to. This is a sign that the mold is already starting to eat away at the surface. If mold has enough time to eat away at, for example, the wooden foundation of your home then there is suddenly a very real physical danger that could result in serious injury for you or your family members.

How Black Mold Affects Your Health

Mold travels throughout your home by emitting tiny, microscopic spores into the air. When these spores go into the air there is a high probability that you could inhale them. When this happens you can become incredibly sick. In fact, year after year people die dealing with respiratory illnesses that were caused by mold exposure. If you have mold in your home then the best way to get rid of it is to call in a water damage expert from Damage Control 911. They will be able to get your home and your day to day life back to normal by quickly getting rid of the mold.


The Amazing Firefly 2



In the world of vaping there have been several vaporizers to come along and achieve a level of iconic status. These are vaporizers that have innovated and changed the game for vapers everywhere. One such vaporizer was the Firefly. The Firefly was an incredible vaporizer. It was one of the first portable vaporizers to have all of the power that a user would expect from a desktop vaporizer. It was truly an innovative piece that changed the game for many vapers out there. It has been awhile since the release of the original and many have felt that it is time for a follow up. The team at Firefly heard the call and have released the Firefly 2. Here is what’s different.

Brand New Better Batteries

The original Firefly was incredible in terms of performance. It was so powerful compared to other vaporizers that were on the market at the time. However, it needs to be said that the batteries that were included with it were absolutely terrible. They would take too long to fully charge. They would quickly lose power. Worst of all, it would only take a month or so of use before they would begin to completely lose their ability to charge. This is abysmal performance for an otherwise extraordinary batteries. The bad batteries actually tarnished the otherwise good reputation of the Firefly brand.

The new batteries are not only a significant improvement, they are a complete redesign. The new batteries hold a charge for much longer. They no longer take forever to get a complete charge. They also will not simply give out on you after only a month or so of use. They are designed to be everything that the original batteries clearly were not. Firefly users now have powerful batteries to support the powerful performance of their Firefly 2.

Lighter, Smaller Build for Better Performance

The original Firefly vape pen features an absolutely gorgeous design. It is one of the best seen in the vaporizer world. It was sleek, stylish, and looked almost futuristic. It was a wonderful design. Unfortunately a great design and function do not always go hand in hand. The truth is that the Firefly vaporizer was just a little bit too bulky compared to other vaporizers on the market. This made storing it while on the go a bit difficult. It was also fairly hefty which would increase the risk of the user dropping it by accident. This could become a very expensive problem if the user did not have the warranty.

The team at Firefly understood the problem and have created a brand new body that still features the amazing style of the original Firefly. The Firefly 2 is made from magnesium alloy which makes the body fifty percent lighter than the original. The Firefly 2 is also one third smaller than the original Firefly. This means that you can fit it in your pocket if you so wish. Best of all, the Firefly 2 is lighter and smaller without losing any of the power of the original. It is an improvement in every conceivable way.

Easier to Clean

Anyone who owns a portable vaporizer will probably tell you that they are incredibly convenient because they allow you to vape while on the go. They also probably tell you how annoying they are to run maintenance on, especially when it comes to cleaning them. This is because most portable vaporizers feature really small components such as screens that can be difficult, if not frustrating, to keep clean. Making things worse is that some of these parts are fragile. If you break them while cleaning them then you could have a very expensive problem on your hands.

The Firefly 2 has no such problem. The cleaning process is incredibly simple. This is because the Firefly 2 is so elegantly designed. It features no small components or screen to worry about. Indeed all you need to clean the Firefly 2 is a cleaning cloth along with some isopropyl alcohol. You simply dampen the cloth with the alcohol and wipe down the vaporizer until it is completely clean. Overall the cleaning process takes less than one minute. This means you can clean your Firefly 2 and get back to vaping in no time. Best of all you only have to clean it once every five or six vaping sessions.

Are invisible dog fences reliable?

Every dog owner is faced with the difficult decision of finding the right dog fence when they first get their beloved pet. They are faced with having to choose between a wooden fence, a chain link fence, and even an invisible fence.

Most of the time, the decisions that the pet owners make are based on more factors than just the safety of their pets. For example, if you have a dog and you live in a community that has restrictions, you will first need to make sure that the fence that you choose fits the guidelines set for you by the community that you live in.

That is why invisible dog fences are so common and popular. Invisible dog fences offer you the ability to keep your dogs inside the designated area without having to worry about if the fence is bringing down the value of your home.

While there are so many great things about an invisible dog fence when it comes to the look and value of your home, you should first consider how the fence will affect your dogs.

Most people don’t think about how an invisible dog fence works, but there are a lot of things that you should think about before your purchase an invisible dog fence.

For example, you will need to consider the size of your dog. If you have a small dog, the shock from the invisible fence may be a little to much for your small pet. So it is important to make sure that you read the weight requirements and all the information on an invisible dog fence before you purchase one.

You will also need to consider what will happen if your dog decides to run past the invisible fence regardless of the shock that it will send to them when they do. Some pets gets so excited when they see something they want or if they want to chase a truck or four-wheeler that is riding down the road that they don’t notice the small shock when they cross the threshold.

This may not seem like a big deal, but if your dog did cross the invisible fence to get to something that they desired, they may be to scared to cross it again to get back to the safety of their home. This could be a problem if your dog was in danger from another dog or other large animals.

Invisible dog fences may be a better looking way to keep your pets contained in the designated area, they are not one hundred percent reliable. They are not a sure way to keep your pet in your yard. Plus, if you leave to go to town to run errands and you leave your pet outside, there is nothing stopping a human from coming into your yard and taking off the collar that keeps the dog inside the yard.

Invisible dog fences are just not safe enough to me and are not completely reliable. When looking for a dog fence, you should make sure that you get a tall fence, one that your dog can not climb over or one that they will be able to dig their way out of it. You will also need to make sure that the dog fence you purchase is strong enough to handle your dogs weight. After all, your pet will attempt to climb or jump a few hundred times before they realize that they are fighting a loosing battle.

However, if you are looking for a dog fence that is reliable, then you should take a look at the following post by Doggy Bakery You may find a dog fence that you are not only happy with, but one that is in your price range!

If you would like more information on an invisible dog fence you can take a look online at

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